To those who wish to be assigned to our laboratory

We are working on image processing, multimedia, and robot recognition and control, and if you are interested in our laboratory, please contact us (Mr. Kobayashi).

For an overview of our research, please refer to Research page.

Annual schedule

Please refer to the following annual schedule for life in the laboratory.

In the seminar, students are expected to explain their research to other students in an easy-to-understand manner, and the students who listen to them are expected to be able to actively discuss the content of their research (to understand not only their own research but also the research of others and exchange opinions). Faculty members try to provide advice and consultation as often as possible, but each student is expected to manage his or her own research progress and consult with senior students and faculty members as necessary to make progress in their research.

In addition, all master's course students are required to give presentations at international conferences (in English). In addition to working on world-class research content, students can acquire skills in writing papers and answering questions in English.

Goals of the Kobayashi Lab

The goal of the Kobayashi Lab is to provide students with the following engineering skills

In order to understand the technology, it is necessary to review the basics of mathematics and physics. We hope that students will learn and develop new information processing techniques by following mathematical equations with their own hands.

In addition, through discussions with other members of the laboratory, students are expected to hone the following communication skills.

We welcome students who are eager to improve their abilities and pursue their intellectual curiosity through research activities.