2022, 6, 3

Robomech2022 in Sapporo

Mr. Yagi and Mr. Tsuchiya participated in Robomech2022 held in Sapporo, Japan, and presented their research in Robomech. It was a very valuable experience for them to present their research in a place where people from various fields gathered. I hope you will make the most of this experience and do your best in the future. Thank you very much for your hard work, Mr. Yagi and Mr. Tsuchiya.

2022, 9, 8

The Robotics Society of Japan

Mr. Kato and Mr. Nakamura participated in the Robotics Society of Japan held in Tokyo, Japan, and presented their research in the Society. Thank you very much for your hard work, Mr. Kato and Mr. Nakamura.

2022, 9, 13

Graduation ceremony

There was a graduation ceremony. Mr. Ma, Mr. Nakahara, and Mr. Guence graduated. Congratulations to them. We look forward to their success after graduation.

2022, 10, 5

The 30th Hamamatsu Citizens Academy

Associate Professor Kobayashi gave a lecture on "Principles and Current State of Robot Knowledge from the Perspective of Recognition, Control, and Learning" at Hamamatsu Citizen Academy.

2022, 10, 14

Stochastic Systems Symposium

Mr. Kato participated in SSS held in Nara, Japan. It must have been difficult for him to give a presentation and answer questions in English, but I think it was a valuable experience for him. I hope you will continue to do your best in both research and English. Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Kato.

2022, 11, 10

Graduation photo shoot in the lab

All the members of the lab took pictures for graduation photos. Some of you will graduate soon. Let's do our best to complete our graduation thesis or master's thesis.

2022, 11, 12

OB party after university festival

Our alumni visited us at university festival held at Shizuoka University Hamamatsu campus, and students who attended the alumni party could hear various stories. Thank you very much.

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