2023, 11, 11 and 12

University Festival

A university festival was held at Shizuoka University Hamamatsu Campus, and we introduced our research. It was a good opportunity for many people to learn about our research.

2023, 11, 11

Alumni Party

A laboratory alumni party was held after the first day of the university festival. We heard valuable things from alumni.

2023, 10, 29


Mr. Nakamura gave a poster presentation at HypAd2023. Mr. Nakamura, thank you for your hard work.

2023, 10, 25

Welcome Party for lab-work students

We held a welcome party for 3 lab work students, Mr. Kawamatsu, Mr. Nakahara, and Mr. Matsubara.

2023, 9, 12


Mr. Paco participated in RSJ2023 and gave a presentation.Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Paco!

2023, 9, 12

Autumn Graduation Ceremony

Autumn Graduation Ceremony was held. Congratulations to Ms. Madhumitha and Mr. Ky on your graduation. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

2023, 8, 8

Farewell Party

We held a farewell party for Ms. Madhumitha, Mr. Ky, and Mr. Adam. I hope it became a good memory before graduation.

2023, 7, 5

B4 Midterm Presentation

Ms. Wada, Mr. Takamori, and Mr. Yuto gave a midterm presentation. They presented what they learned and what they conducted in this three months. I think the comments from the faculty and upperclassmen will make your research activity better.

2023, 6, 30

Robomech2023 in Nagoya

Mr. Paco, Ms. Madhumitha, and Ms. Takami participated in Robomech2023. I think you could learn a lot through giving your presentation and listening the presentations of other participants who are conducting research in various fields.

2023, 6, 22

Bowling Party

We had a bowling tournament with everyone from Miura, Usuki, and Sekine labs. We had a disappointing result in the laboratory competition, so I want to get revenge next year...!

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