2022, 3, 2

M1 midterm presentation

Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Yagi, and Mr. Ko gave midterm presentations of their master's thesis, and I believe they were able to solidify the basic aspects of their research after a year of work. We look forward to seeing what the research will bring in the next year.

2022, 2, 17

Master thesis presentation

Mr. Tanaka presented his master's thesis. It was a difficult topic, but he were able to complete it successfully. He was able to respond appropriately to questions from the faculty. We hope that you will do your best to apply what you have learned in your research after you go out into the society.

2022, 2, 16

Lab work presentation

Mr. Azuma, Mr. Mamiya, and Mr. Haku presented their lab work. Although it was only a short period of six months, each of them did a good job in their research. We hope that the students learned the basics of research and had fun while doing it.

2022, 2, 10

Thesis presentation

Mr. Nakahara, Mr. Sakakibara, Mr. Tsuchiya, Mr. Nakamura, and Mr. Abe presented their B4 thesis, which is the culmination of one year of research. However, it is not the end yet. Those who are preparing to submit a paper or present at a conference, you will have to work harder to prepare for it.

2021, 12, 23

B4 midterm presentation

Mr. Nakahara, Mr. Sakakibara, Mr. Tsuchiya, Mr. Nakamura, and Mr. Abe gave B4 midterm presentations. The students presented the results of their studies before their thesis presentations. Everyone is making good progress in their research. Let's take advantage of the comments from the faculty members and make our research even better.

2021, 10, 21

Daily life in the laboratory

This is the daily life in our laboratory. They seem to be having fun, but what are they talking about? Usually, we have a good time chatting about things other than research. Of course, we also talk about academic matters!

2021, 8, 17

B4 thesis presentation and ABP1 midterm presentation

Mr. Kitamura presented his B4 thesis and Mr. Ma presented his ABP1 midterm thesis. Mr. Kitamura, good job on your graduation thesis. We are looking forward to your activities after graduation. Mr. Ma, I think this was a good opportunity for you to look back on your past research. We look forward to your future research.

2021, 7, 8

B4 midterm presentation

Mr. Nakahara, Mr. Sakakibara, Mr. Tsuchiya, and Mr. Nakamura gave B4 interim presentations. Although it has been only a few months since they started their research, they understood the contents of their research very well and were able to answer the questions from the teachers accurately.

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