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To Applicants

In our labratory, as the center technology for realizing the function of the human eye, we are studying the robot and multimedia.
Those interested, those who want to know more details, please come to visit the lab at any time.

For an overview of research, please see the following: Research Introduction

As for life in the laboratory, please refer to the year the following schedule.

Year Activity Plan

In our laboratory, we are instructed to get the useful skills.
We are asked to announce at all international conference for students of the master's program.
In the preparation process, it will be able to work on research that works in the world, of course, be to acquire skills to write papers in English.

Selling Point of This Laboratory

Recently, Graduates of this laboratory has a job at the company, such as the following main

Finally, one might feel uneasy research content such as is so difficult, research and wonder what can be really on your own. However, it is all right if they have "motivation". People of the OB of laboratory when I graduated so far was also amateur beginning of the study.
Please start the laboratory assignment hope in peace.