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(2019/8/9) Laboratory visit on open campus


There was an open campus of Shizuoka University. Many high school students and parents came to the laboratory.

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(2019/8/8) Joint September Graduation Thesis Presentation


B4 students who graduated in September made a thesis presentation with Miura, Usuki, and Sekine Lab.

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(2019/7/17) International student farewell party


We had a farewell party for international student Sharma (center of photo) to return home.

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(2019/7/11) Intermediate Report of Graduation Thesis


B4 students made an interim presentation jointly with Miura, Usuki and Sekine Lab. The photo shows the review meeting after the presentation.

(2019/6/2) Visit to Suzuki Motor Kosai Factory and History Museum


Nagy and Professor Kobayashi visited Suzuki Motor's Kosai Plant and Suzuki History Museum at the invitation of the Suzuki Foundation, which has received a scholarship as a researcher.

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(2019/6/20) Laboratory joint bowling meet


We held a bowling event with Miura and Usuki laboratory.

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(2019/6/6) Robotics and Mechatronics Lecture (ROBOMECH)


Intern students Nagy and M1 Suzuki participated in the Robotics and Mechatronics Lecture (ROBOMECH) held in Hiroshima.

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(2019/6/4) Japan Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)


Mr. Paco from D2 made a presentation at the Japan Society of Artificial Intelligence conference (JSAI) held in Niigata.

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(2019/4/10) Welcome party

welcome party

We had a welcome party for new students.

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